food and sundries


An eclectic by nature, I often find it hard to organize my life. I didn’t want my blog to reflect that disorganization, however, so I was thinking, “what’s the one theme that flows through the things most important to me?” “Food!” came the enthusiastic answer.

Born in the shadow of the Vietnam War to a military man–a child of Uncle Sam and, hence, the world–I came to appreciate food early and often. If you do, too, or if you’re just a voyeur of sorts, welcome to my site, where I will explore the sundry, sometimes sordid, aspects of food and life. I hope you enjoy the site. I look forward to your comments.

Deliciously yours,
Chris, aka “Ate-To-The-Bar” (whose idea of heaven would be eating while swing dancing).

P.S. I do not accept any remuneration for anything posted here. This is a personal, non-commercial blog. That being said, if you want to send me something free to try, you can contact me for that purpose, but I won’t guarantee a positive review (or any review at all) unless I really, truly like it enough (as defined solely by me). I hope you understand. Integrity and all that, what?