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When a Belly Flop is a Good Thing

Filed under: Uncategorized — February 19, 2013 @ 10:26 pm

As I was trolling the aisles of a local discount mart (I won’t say where here for fear of creating a run on the market), I discovered a wonderful thing: one of my favorite sweet treats at a HUGE markdown. I’m talking one third of the usual price here!

Apparently, Jelly Belly—the maker of the best jelly beans on the planet in my estimation (especially, for me, their popcorn, pear, coconut, cake batter and tutti frutti flavors)—markets their “flops.”

Cleverly named “Belly Flops,” the company takes all of its beans rejected for things such as unusual size, off coloring, or not-intense-enough flavor, bundles them up, and distributes them at a discount.

They may be mistakes, but, I have to say, I like them almost better than their more perfect siblings. That’s because a good number of the so-called flops are flops because they are multiple beans fused together in a large and luscious mound—far more satisfactory to chomp into than a tiny little bead of a bean.

And, as for flavor, I haven’t noticed much amiss there. The flavors of the misfit beans have been close enough for my tastes (and pocketbook).

So far, I’ve only found the flops in 1-lb variety bags (i.e. you can’t choose just your favorite flavors). What do I do with the flavors I don’t favor? Why, pawn them off on some very happy co-workers, of course. They agree: belly flops rock!

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