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Notice to the World

Filed under: Uncategorized — October 5, 2012 @ 5:22 pm

I gave my notice.

The vagaries of life have won out and I must return to the mundane world of holding only one job, as opposed to three.

I find I am saddened by the loss of my final server job. I have to say, I feel it honed my mind, made me a better multi-tasker. It was like frenzied meditation—requiring laser-like focus on the tasks of serving so as to prevent utter chaos, to the exclusion of all else.

And I really liked my co-workers, whose lives were so varied (the waitress-for-life verus the doctorate students paying for school) that things were never boring.

Besides, the sociological insights were very entertaining. From the table I flawlessly served to the tune of a <5% tip, to the one I completely screwed up that left more than 25% (they must have been servers in a past life). I played games with myself, trying to predict percentages.

What makes some people just…well…nicer than others? Some people just seem to relish being jerks. I have to believe that, with all that negative energy, they will never achieve peace or happiness. And some people are nice to your face, but mean when it comes to their pockets.

The most important lesson I learned: let it go, because, if you don’t, everything else goes to crap. A mistake is a mistake; it’s not a reason to berate yourself. Even when others berate you, or leave you no tip, or complain to the manager—those things speak more about them than you, as long as you’re trying. Move on. Do your best. And when that isn’t enough, laugh.

I hope I can take that lesson with me.

Cheers all.

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