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Perfect Flaws

Filed under: Uncategorized — August 1, 2012 @ 5:16 pm

I don’t know what’s happened to me over the last week.

I’ve been trying for the greater part of my life thus far to accept things the way they are, instead of trying to make them perfect. As a perfectionist, this is a very difficult lesson.

But something’s happened.

This week, I am reveling in the perfect imperfection of it all. I’m not sure I can sustain this feeling, but I hope I can. It’s happy. For someone who’s spent a large portion of her life anxious and depressed, this is a coup.

Maybe it was the recent adoption of our latest dog, Memphis. The adoption of any living creature is fraught with potential pitfalls. As adorable as he is, he’s also got worms and giardia that need treating. He whined non-stop for hours every time my spouse left for work in the first several days. He’s had some accidents in the house (though, oddly, not in the first week, only more recently). He apparently has a mild seizure condition. Still, for all that, I adore him and, despite the rescue group’s “return policy,” would never think about sending him back. I look into his deep, mischievous eyes and think “welcome to the club.”

Indeed. Our eldest dog has hip dysplasia. She once tore both ACLs at once, resulting in two very costly surgeries. She’s also stubborn as all get out and still goes by the philosophy “dominate first, ask questions later” when she meets other dogs. And the middle dog? She’s scared of thunder and other noises (like Frisbees hitting the Frisbee-golf “holes.” Weird, right?). I think she’s actually afraid of the lawn furniture outside our back door. Our eldest cat? Yeah, well she has a chronic sinus condition that causes her to breathe like Darth Vader and spew mucus on occasion.

Maybe that history is what prompted my spouse to say “yeah, well we’ve all got problems” when I asked him if he, too, was okay with keeping the new little pup after his seizure condition manifested itself right in front of him. Maybe it was that comment that helped propel me to my sense of nirvana this week.

After all, we’re a family. Not perfect, but damn good enough.

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