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Legless Pigs and Other Freaks

Filed under: Uncategorized — June 1, 2012 @ 5:47 pm

I just bit off the legs of a piglet.

I did not do so without trepidation.

The piglet’s wide eyes were sparkling at me, its cheeks rosy with cheer, its mouth in a broad smile.

Now legless, the piglet is still playfully taunting me with its face forever molded into a gleeful expression.

This is why marzipan freaks me out.

Well, let me clarify. Marzipan that’s been formed into realistic (if small) shapes, like fruit or piglets, freaks me out.

I expect the fruit shapes to taste like what they’ve been made into, but they always taste like…almond paste.

And the piglet certainly does not taste like pork. I’d actually be less upset by bacon-flavored marzipan than smiling-piglet marzipan.

I think maybe I should have bitten its head off first. But, then, just saying it that way sounds even freakier.

My preference: chocolate-covered marzipan in abstract shapes.

Now, excuse me, while I go pray for forgiveness from the gods and goddesses of piglet-dom.

And bite the poor creature’s head off.

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