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Dastardly Mash: An Ice Cream Memorial

Filed under: Uncategorized — March 1, 2007 @ 11:25 pm

I declare March 1, 2007, a day of lamentation for the loss of Dastardly Mash ice cream.

I’m sure it was the raisins that did it in.  I, myself, arched an eyebrow when I learned there were raisins in the mix with the salted pecans, almonds and chocolate chips.  Then I tasted it and the perfection of the name “Dastardly Mash” became clear.  Salt.  Sweet.  The raisins added a texture and toothsomeness previously unknown to me in ice cream.  With the nutty crunch, it was heaven with a wink and a nudge.

It surely was divine intervention that led me to that job at Ben & Jerry’s and the ability to taste every flavor.  Otherwise, I myself might have missed the Mash in fear of the raisins.

So, bow your heads with me and bemoan its loss.

And comment to me about your favorite discontinued foods….


  1. Honey:

    Dastardly Mash was indeed a good mixture, though the one B&J flavor I miss most is White Russian. It actually tasted like a white russian, and I miss it. I also miss the fact that it had no chunks. I like chunky ice cream, but sometimes you need something smooth, you know?

  2. Todd Defren:

    I found this post while doing my own Google search on whatever happened to this delicious flavor. I still miss it. (Sigh.)

  3. terri:

    this was my favorite ice cream, since then i have not been interested in even eating ice cream,do you think they will ever make it again. Why did they take it off the market in the first place?

  4. KAD:

    I still have dreams about Dastardly Mash in 2011. I turned up my nose the first time my husband brought it home … eh, raisins? But, OMG, it was the best ice cream ever. and I’ve been mourning it’s loss every since it was discontinued. Please, B&J, bring back Dastardly Mash!

  5. Bruce:

    Responding to Terri above – yes, I have had the same experience. No one in my family liked Dastardly Mash, but I would bring it home anyway, conviced that DM was/is without doubt the greatest ice cream ever produced, maybe ever imagined. When it was discontinued, I was personally devastated, and pretty much stopped eating ice cream. I have come online today to search for a DM fan club or advocacy group, but find none. This blog closest I have found.

  6. LovesFoodandArt:

    I loved Dastardly Mash. I don’t like walnuts in food, but the salted pecans were fantastic, and the chewy raisins w the rich chocolate ice cream were like raisinettes but better. Also, unlike some flavors, the “stuff” in the ice cream wasn’t overwhelming – you could still find the ice cream.

  7. Sonya:

    Hi! I haven’t seen anyone mention this yet, but have you thought about making your own? This recipe can be found in the “Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book” easily found online. Just use liquid eggbeaters instead of eggs and it is safely updated for 2014 :) It’s a delicious ice cream and of course all homemade ice cream is pretty easy to make and tastes waaaaay better than anything you can buy!

  8. Kristine:

    My cravings continue to this very day. My love will never die. :-)

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