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Sugar Shock

Filed under: Uncategorized — November 27, 2006 @ 8:05 pm

Spending some of my tenderest years exposed daily to German chocolate did influence mightily my sweet tooth.  I always thought I’d grow out of my penchant for sugar, but no.  Instead, I grew into several sizes beyond my ideal.

I don’t know why I thought I’d outgrow it.  Certainly I had ample evidence to the contrary.  My grandpa, for instance—now well into his 80s—still relishes 2-lb. boxes of chocolates for his birthday.  (Thank you, See’s Candies and internet ordering.  Have I mentioned yet how much I love the internet?  A shy shopper’s paradise!  One for grandpa, two for me….)

Oh.  And there are all those weight-loss commercials….

Perhaps my misinformed perception was based on the fact that candy and other sweets are so heavily marketed to kids, less so to adults.  In my case, at least, the “get ‘em while their young” approach to marketing really worked.  Unfortunately, while I once could consume three full-sugar Dr. Peppers, a 1-lb. bag of sour cherry balls, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and several PopTarts daily without effect (except, maybe, hyperactivity), I am no longer able to sustain such gleeful eating without turning quickly into a poster child for Jabba-the-Hut’s retinue.  The post-ingestion sugar-crashes are hell, too.

So, what’s a sugar-glutton to do?  Turning to sugar-substitutes is always an exercise in disappointment.  I finally had to face facts.  There would be no “outgrowing” my sugar-driven passions.  So, I had to devise a portion-control scheme.  No deprivation, just smaller bites o’ the good stuff.  And I try to limit it to the REALLY good stuff.  You know how it is—that tasty-looking cookie in the display case really isn’t as good as it looks?  Well, I just (try to) say “no” after that first nasty nibble.  It has to pass my taste test.  If it’s worth the calories in flavor (hello, Cinnabon!), I eat it (often after cutting it in thirds and giving the rest, in a gesture of extreme good will, to my co-workers or long-suffering spouse).

Key strategies:  (1) remembering Sesame Street’s lessons in sharing, and (2) always trying to have someone else on hand to eat the leftovers of my guilty pleasures.

I’ve recently lost thirty pounds and still have sweets every day.  Mmm hmmmm!

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